EP calls for action: strengthening Europe in the fight against cancer

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Press Release of the European Parliament


On 9 December 2021, Parliament’s Special Committee on Beating Cancer adopted its final proposals on how to strengthen the EU’s role in the fight against cancer. They include the following:


1. Taking stronger EU action to address key risk factors and social determinants of cancer

2. Extending screening schemes and launching an EU platform of national screening centres

3. Facilitating access to cross-border health care and clinical trials for cancer patients

4. Extending joint procurement procedures and managing shortages of cancer medicines

5. Guaranteeing the “Right to be Forgotten” to all European patients

6. Enhancing transparency of prices, use of public funding, clinical trials information

7. Ensuring access to innovative cancer drugs and treatments for all patients

8. Securing adequate and sustained long-term funding

9. Strengthening of the Knowledge Centre on Cancer and cancer registries

10. Reinforcing the role of health professionals in cancer care


To read the full press release, click here.


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