Australia: Cytotoxic drugs and related waste – Risk management

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This guide provides practical advice to PCBUs and workers on how to prevent or minimise the risks to health associated with handling cytotoxic drugs and related waste within health care establishments, community settings and veterinary practices. It will assist in the development and implementation of safe systems work of that are consistent with the requirements of NSW work, health and safety laws.

The use of cytotoxic drugs includes their preparation, administration, handling, storage, movement, disposal, and spills management.

This guide applies primarily to the clinical handling of cytotoxic drugs and related waste in health care settings, including:

  • hospital settings
  • pharmacies – hospital and community
  • analytical pathology and research laboratories
  • doctors’ surgeries and medical practice rooms
  • domiciliary ambulatory clinics
  • patients’ homes
  • nursing homes, hostels and other residential care settings
  • veterinary clinics
  • ambulance vehicles
  • pharmacy and pathology courier services
  • waste collection and disposal facilities
  • laundry facilities and Non-Emergency Patient Transport (NEPT)
  • funeral homes
  • mortuaries.

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