Occupational exposure to cytotoxic :

European Scientific Board “CytoPrevent” launched to improve healthcare workers’ protection

Paris, …. 2020 – Scientific experts from several European countries today announced the creation of CytoPrevent, a group dedicated to work on recommendation to increase protection for workers handling, preparing or administering cytotoxic drugs.

Considering that:

  • No exposure to chemotherapy is without risk,
  • The link between exposure – even to small amounts of drugs – and various side effects (moderate to severe) is well established,
  • The risk of exposure exists throughout all the cytotoxic drug use cycle, so this is a cross-functional issue,
  • Protection measures are well known (isolators, CSTDs, PPE, trainings, etc.) but not always implemented across Europe and critical gaps have been identified (administration, waste…),

This multidisciplinary initiative aims to raise awareness among European policymakers and recommend new measures to prevent contamination risks or make them “as low as reasonably achievable”. The CytoPrevent group involves scientists, pharmacists, doctors, nurses, who express their common views through open and independent discussions.

They want to contribute positively to current discussions around the amendment of the Directive 2004/37/EC5 2004 (Carcinogens and Mutagens Directive, CMD) and its transposition into Member States’ legislations by 11 July 2021. These experts consider very important to bring any possible light to this debate, for the purpose of providing all healthcare workers in Europe with a safe environment, especially regarding exposure to cytotoxic.


For any further information, please write to: contact@cytoprevent.eu